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Delivering our aspiration

We want to enable the transformation of this site into a place where people want to live, raise a family, meet friends, and enjoy life in a safe and healthy way.

At this early stage of the project, we are considering how to deliver this aspiration and support the wellbeing of future residents of Humber’s Mill. Considerations include:

  • Enabling easy access to green space and countryside
  • Providing a network of pathways to support active travel to reach education, employment, shopping, entertainment and leisure facilities
  • Providing a range of housing types to meet the different needs of different ages groups
  • Making super-fast broadband available to all homes, supporting the shift towards homeworking, and reducing the need to travel
  • Providing car charging capacity at each household, supporting wider, national carbon reduction goals
  • Providing new links to public transport, to offer sustainable travel options
  • Incorporating key community facilities, including a two-form primary school, small-scale retail units, and cafes

With these as our key drivers, our aspiration is to enable healthy living in sustainable and attractive place where new communities can grow.

You can find out more about our aspiration for Humber’s Mill here. Does this aspiration meet your own? Tell us what you think, so we can factor in your ideas as we work on the project’s outline proposal.

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