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Sustainable homes and a community

Humber’s Mill will be a resilient place that is ready to face the future

We are committed to the principles of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals that enables a community to minimise its impact on the environment, and strive for social and economic equality. This also means adapting to the challenges of the future. Humber’s Mill will support new trends in the way we work, and the shift towards ‘cleaner’ energy and travel.


Humber's Mill will be well-connected providing residents with ready access to community facilities and travel networks both within the neighbourhood and to its surrounding towns, coast and countryside.

A new primary school will help reduce the need for families with younger children to travel, while a variety of shops will also form part of the new community.

We aim to create links to new and existing public transport, and carry out highway improvements, including Nash Road, and create new links to key existing roads in the local area.

Electric vehicle charging points will be available across the site, providing the infrastructure we need to move towards ‘cleaner’ car travel.

Locally, we will invest in a new sustainable network of cycling and walking trails that connect the villages of Humber's Mill to each other, and to the wider Thanet area beyond.


Covering 67 hectares in total, and currently in use as agricultural land, the creation of Humber’s Mill represents a genuine opportunity for Thanet to boost its biodiversity.

Homes at Humber's Mill will be surrounded by a collage of green spaces with rich and varied character, including open grasslands and planted areas.

Our aim is to bring about lasting biodiversity improvements to the local area. Creating a range of green areas will result in new quality habitats for local wildlife, as well as being attractive spaces for people to enjoy.