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Our aspiration for Humber's Mill

Healthy, connected, and welcoming, our vision for Humber's Mill is for a new neighbourhood that brings people of all ages and backgrounds together in a future-ready place.

Close to the coastal towns of Margate and Broadstairs and Westwood Cross Shopping Centre, within easy reach of the surrounding countryside and beaches, Humber's Mill is ideally located to offer the best of town and country living in the heart of the Isle of Thanet.

Our aspiration is that Humber's Mill will be designed with sustainability in mind with the new neighbourhood of approximately 1,500 homes, surrounded by green spaces, and supported by a new primary school, shops, cafes and other community facilities.

To allow the neighbourhood to be ready to face the future; we aim to equip all homes with super-fast broadband supporting the shift towards homeworking, and reducing the need to travel, in line with government and local connectivity goals. Cycle paths and new links to public transport will offer sustainable travel options, while electric vehicle charging points will be available across the site.

Humber's Mill tapestry of green spaces will become a key part of its distinct identity. Tranquil gardens, adventure playgrounds, walking trails, sports and leisure spaces, and a central village green are just some of the features being considered. The goal is to provide spaces to be enjoyed, and cherished, by residents and visitors alike, as well provide new habitats for wildlife.

By designing a sustainable and attractive place for people to live, work and play, we want Humber's Mill to enable a strong sense of community spirit to grow.

Our aspirations